How to Choose the Right Pipe Support

Whether securing or supporting a plumbing pipeline below the wall, ceiling or floor, pipe supports such as hangers, clamps, brackets, and hooks are essential to complete your DWV (drain, waste and vent) drainage, water-supply line, or hydronic-pipe applications properly.
Below, we explain why proper plumbing pipe supports are necessary. We also provide a complete overview of Oatey’s pipe support offering to ensure you choose the appropriate pipe support for your project. 

Why proper pipe supports are necessary
  • They keep piping systems secure: An improperly supported piping system could result in pipes crashing through a wall or down from a ceiling — potentially hurting someone, causing damage to the building, or both. 
  • They reduce pipe movement: Using pipe supports will help reduce noise in DWV systems or “water hammer” in water-supply systems.

Water hammer can be absorbed by any unsecured lines, resulting in partial-to-extreme movement — creating contact with adjacent surfaces. Pipes should be adequately supported and/or insulated to prevent touching any surrounding building materials. Pipes that are insufficiently secured will move and cause a knocking or vibrating sound when coupled with even the slightest amount of water hammer. 

Various types of Oatey Pipe Support

Choosing the right type of pipe support

To ensure the satisfactory operation of a piping system, carefully consider support location and type.

Plumbing codes require that all piping and the contents inside be supported so that the pipe maintains alignment and doesn’t sag. Plumbing codes also typically require hangers and strapping materials to be made of an approved material that will not promote galvanic action. Of course, they must also be of sufficient strength to support the pipes’ weight and contents.

Choosing the proper pipe support for a given piping system largely depends on the pipe material.

  • Water-supply pipe is Copper Tube Size, commonly referred to as CTS.
  • Gas and drain pipes are considered Iron Pipe Size, or IPS.

To break it down, a one-inch piece of copper or CPVC pipe is going to require a different hanger type and size than a comparable piece of gas pipe because of factors like wall thickness, diameter, and load (weight of the piping).

Once you consider all of the above, the choice of pipe support may ultimately be based on personal preference.

Oatey tip: Pipe supports are only as strong as whatever it is anchored to — wood or concrete. If not anchored correctly and securely to the wall or ceiling, how much weight the hanger can hold will not matter.

Different types of Oatey pipe supports

Oatey offers a complete range of pipe support products for your heating, DWV, or potable water piping application needs. Oatey offers clamps, hooks, hangers, brackets, and guards to finish your supply line, DWV, or heating applications properly. Oatey also provides products to protect your piping systems once installed.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of pipe supports.

Pipe clamps

Pipe clamps allow for a quick and easy installation of copper tube piping. Below is a breakdown of Oatey pipe clamps and how they are best utilized:

  • Clamps with Nails are designed with a preloaded nail, allowing fast and easy push-on installation for all types of CTS piping. The patented removal wedge and notch permit clamp removal when you need it. With a complete standoff from the surface, tubing can expand and contract with 360° pipe protection. Available in half and full clamp styles, these clamps can be used on hydronic systems.

Oatey Full Clamps with Nails

  • Half Clamp Suspension Pipe Clamps are used on plumbing and hydronic systems, eliminating contact between the pipe and framing surface to reduce the transmission of water-line noise. Its ribbed design insulates against water line noise and pipe expansion and contraction.
  • DuoFit™ Pipe Support With Nails provides fast and easy installation for 1/2” and 3/4” CTS piping with one clamp. It eliminates contact between the pipe and framing surface and insulates against sound. DuoFit™ Pipe Support With Nails can handle a temperature range of 0°F to 160°F.
  • Standard Pipe Clamps allow fast and easy installation of all types of CTS and DWV piping. They also allow flush mounting of pipes to surfaces. Standard Pipe Clamps can handle a temperature range of 0°F to 160°F.
Oatey Standard Pipe Clamp
  • Insulating Pipe Clamps are used on plumbing and hydronic systems and are designed to eliminate pipe notching and wrapping when running water lines through framing. Made of durable polypropylene to eliminate corrosion, these clamps can handle a temperature range of 0°F to 180°F. Their ribbed design allows for pipe expansion and contraction and reduces water-line noise and vibration.
  • Metal Stud Insulating Pipe Clamps reduce water line noise and vibration when running water lines through metal studs. They are used on 18 gauge or lighter-weight metal studs and snap into 1-3/8” punched holes. Metal Stud Insulating Pipe Clamps are made of durable polypropylene, which helps prevent corrosion. The 1/2” size has 1/4” and 3/8” holes.
Steel riser clamps

Steel riser clamps are the ideal support for vertical pipe applications and are used to secure tubes to mounting surfaces. Oatey Steel Riser Clamps are compatible with multiple pipe materials and are available in 2” and 4” sizes.

Oatey Steel Riser Clamps

Pipe hangers

Pipe hangers can be used to secure supply lines and DWV pipes. Below is a breakdown of Oatey Pipe Hangers and how they are best utilized:

  • Copper-Plated Milford Hangers are designed to hang copper pipe from an object; with a top set plate, the hanger swivels and locks into place. Copper Plated Milford Hangers have pre-drilled holes for fast screw installation.


Metal Pipe Hangers Oatey

  • Galvanized DWV Hangers support DWV systems to joists and rafters. Their versatile design makes them easy to work with, while their adjustable straps and keyholes allow for fast installation.

DWV Hanger Oatey

  • Plastic-Coated Galvanized DWV Hanger supports DWV systems to joists and rafters. Once again, their versatile design makes them easy to work with, and they are compatible with multiple pipe materials.

Plastic Coated Oatey hangers

  • Universal Pipe Hangers are used to suspend pipe from framing. The strap adjusts to accommodate one- to six-inch diameter pipe, and the orientation of the strap can be reversed based on installation needs. Straight and angled nail hole patterns accommodate tough installation angles. They meet ASTM requirements and are IAPMO-approved.
  • CTS Bell Hangers offer light-duty support standoff of pipe or copper tubing from a wall or object. Each hanger includes two clamping screws and one mounting screw and is designed with a 13/16” standoff from the mounting surface. The recessed mounting screw, with a piercing point for use on metal studs, does not contact the piping.
Hanger straps

Metal and plastic hanger straps allow for quick and inexpensive hanging of pipes from joists or rafters. Below is a breakdown of Oatey hanger straps and how they are best utilized:

  • Plastic Hanger Straps are a fast, economical way to hang piping of all types. They can be used as pipe hangers, conduit and duct hangers, tubing straps, utility straps, and more. Plastic hanger straps should only be used for temporary or non-load-bearing applications. They can also be used as a mid-level strapping where required by code. Maximum load is 20 pounds and should not be used below 32°F or above 120°F.

Plastic Hanger Strap Oatey

  • Metal Hanger Straps are a quick and inexpensive way to hang pipes from joists or rafters. Available in 24- and 28-gauge steel, this product offers alternating nail holes to speed installation.
  • Interlocking Metal Hanger Straps support copper, CPVC, and PEX water supply lines from joists and rafters. The straps are self-fastening, so no nuts or bolts are required. Interlocking Metal Hanger Straps have a 46-pound, safe working load.

Interlocking Metal Hanger Strap Oatey

  • Copper Tube Straps measure 3/4” and are used to secure CTS, PEX, or CPVC water lines against rigid surfaces. These straps will secure piping to studs, joists, or masonry blocks and help reduce rattling noise.

J-Hooks provide a fast, easy and economical way to secure piping. Below is a breakdown of Oatey J-Hooks and how they are best utilized:

  • DWV J-Hooks secure drain piping, allowing for expansion and contraction. They work well for DWV pipes running horizontally from joists and rafters and can be used on Schedule 30 and 40 piping. With multiple nail holes for attachment to pipe runs at various angles, their unique diagonal nail holes allow easy attachment in tight areas.

DWV J Hooks

  • CTS J-Hooks are made of high-impact ABS and provide a fast, easy and economical way to secure supply-line piping from joists and rafters, with 50 pounds as a safe working load. For use with copper, PEX, CPVC, and other CTS-sized piping, these J-Hooks permit system expansion and contraction while allowing nails to sit flush against a wall or stud.
Pipe Guards
  • Stud Guards and FHA Plates protect pipes and wiring installations from nails or screws and are self-nailing for fast and easy installation.

Stud Guards Oatey

Pipe Brackets

Brackets help to position copper water distribution pipes through sinks, lavatories, and other fixtures. Below is a breakdown of Oatey brackets and how they are best utilized:

  • Hyco Bars are ideal for bracing pipe across a stud and are made of 14 gauge steel to provide rugged support and eliminate noise from improperly secured pipes. They also have pre-drilled holes for easy screw installation and can be cut to size.

Hyco Bar Oatey

  • Holdrite Pipe Support Brackets position copper water distribution pipes for sinks, lavatories, and other fixtures to be soldered to the bracket for secure installation after being nailed into the wall. Supporting any water-supply line penetrating the wall, the brackets have holes on 2” centers for 1/2” pipe and 4” centers for 3/4” and 1” copper pipe.
  • PEX Insulator Support Bracket Kit contains seven holes at 1/2” each. The bracket comes with insulator clamps to hold pipes in place and reduce noise and vibration.

Other pipe support products:

  • Cable, Conduit and Duct Ties are a fast, convenient method for securing various components, including cables and tubing. They are designed with a locking device to provide a positive, nonslip connection for fastening all types of loose items.
  • Flat Tube Nailers are copper-plated and designed to provide quick nail support. They permanently and conveniently affix copper, PVC, CPVC, galvanized, and PEX piping to wooden studs and joists.
  • Copper and Steel Pipe Hooks support piping under wooden joists, rafters, or trusses. They are self-nailing for use with copper, PVC, CPVC, galvanized or PEX tubing.

Whether securing plumbing, hydronic supply lines, DWV drainage, or supporting your work with brackets and bars, choosing quality pipe supports provides the necessary protection and support against potential failures related to water hammer, weight load, floor and ceiling penetrations, and more.

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