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Oatey University was created to offer Best-in-Class Education, Training, Research and Hands-on Practice. It is our goal to create a welcoming and stimulating environment to be shared with our customers, associates, vendors, media, and trade professionals that will foster the exchange of new ideas and innovations to make our company, business and industry even better. We appreciate our role as industry thought leaders, and remain dedicated to excellence in that regard.


CEU (Continuing Education Unit)

For the State of Ohio, Oatey now offers CEU credit hours in increments of 2, 4 and 8. Courses are offered monthly and can range from hands on training to a plant tour of operations.

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Solvent Weld Training & Certification

Oatey will train and test your plumbing installers on the proper way to prep pipe, apply primer and cement, assemble pipe and cure the perfect leak free installations in accordance with ASME B31.3. This course can be offered at Oatey University or in the field. 

QuickDrain Certified Installer Program

Want to become a QuickDrain certified installer? Oatey University is offering four (6) hour hands-on classes for contractors and plumbers to become versed in all of the QuickDrain linear drain systems.

Community Outreach

Run a high school outreach program or have a group that could benefit from learning Plumbing 101? Oatey has courses to help teach or freshen up your skills. Learn how to properly set a toilet, solvent weld and choose which supply box to use in which application.

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To learn more about Oatey University Programs, fill out the information below with your area of interest and one of our technical team members will be happy to respond to you.