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When it comes to residential plumbing, Oatey knows how important it is to keep a bath or kitchen project on track and within budget. That’s why Oatey’s top-rated products and brands have become the go-to for residential plumbing jobs. From supply boxes and drains to sealants and cements, you'll find Oatey products in plumbing wholesalers and retailers nationwide. And our technical customer service team is available to answer any residential plumbing question.

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The answer depends on which Cryo-Tek antifreeze is being used, and what level of freeze protection is required. For more information, see this chart. Freeze point:  The temperature at which crystals begin to form. Pumpable:  The temperature at which there are sufficient crystals to impede the flow of the product. Burst protection:  The temperature at which pipes burst.  

Yes.  Use Cryo-Tek 100AL antifreeze for boilers with aluminum heat exchangers. Sludgehammer Universal Corrosion Inhibitor and Sludgehammer System Restorer & Noise Reducer is compatible with all metal heat exchangers, including aluminum.

Max output – 550 GPH  2.5 GPM @ 8' TDH  Air filled motor  Includes pre-filter to prevent debris from re-entering heat exchanger  UL listed  25’ cord