What is the shelf life of the cement and primers?

Where can I find the date code on can?

How do I read the date code?

What can I use to clean up purple primer?

Can I use PVC cement on CPVC pipe, or CPVC cement on PVC pipe?

How are cure times determined?

How many fittings can I cement together with one can of cement?

What type of primer do I use on PVC and CPVC pipe?

Do I need to use primer on ABS?

What cement do you recommend when chemicals are flowing through the lines?

Can I use PVC cement to join ABS to PVC?

How do I know what cement to use with what product (material and diameter)?

Should I let primer dry before applying the cement?

What cements do not contain MEK?

What cements do not require that the pipe is primed first?

What PVC cements allow for the longest set-up time, for multiple joint assemblies?

What cements allow for the shortest set-up time, for multiple joint assemblies?

What is the definition of Low VOC?

Can I use green transition cement to join different types of pipe together?

What is the definition and differences between PVC, ABS and CPVC materials?

How do I dispose of solvent cements?

Does Oatey offer cements that will bond High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), or PEX?

What are the differences between regular, medium and heavy duty cements?

Can you use cleaner instead of primer?

How do you separate a joint that has been cemented together and cured?

Can I use All Purpose Cement to join PVC to CPVC?

Can I use X-15 cement to glue vinyl fabric together?

What cement can I use for use with natural gas?

Can you use PVC cement to solvent weld electrical conduit?

What is chamfering the pipe?

Can I use Oatey CPVC cements for lines which carry Deionized water?

Does Oatey manufacture cements that can be used on lines which carry high and low pH chemical solutions?

What cement is used to bond flexible pipe and fittings?

Can you use All Purpose Cement when assembling PVC and ABS pipe?

How long do you allow CPVC pipe to cure before introducing fluids and or pressure?

There is a taste and odor in the CPVC water lines shortly after installation, how can I solve these issues?

Are Oatey cements safe to use on water lines that carry drinking (potable) water?

What is interference fit?

What should be done with a plumbing system that was assembled using the wrong solvent cement, i.e., CPVC cement on PVC piping, PVC cement on CPVC piping or ABS on CPVC or PVC piping?

If Oatey Green Transition Cement is used to join PVC to ABS, will it meet plumbing codes standards?

Can PVC cements be used to assemble CPVC pipe / fittings?

How do I remove Tamper Proof Lids off Cleaner and Primer cans?

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