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The QuickDrain Linear Shower Drain System is more than a drain — it’s a total shower solution. Adaptable to almost any existing plumbing condition, QuickDrain reduces construction time, saves on cost, and minimizes impact on customers. Available in WallDrain, ProLine, and ShowerLine product lines, QuickDrain offers curbed and curbless ADA-compliant linear shower drain solutions for residential, hospitality, or healthcare applications. QuickDrain WallDrain is designed to be built into the wall for a totally concealed and luxurious look. QuickDrain ProLine shower drain bodies are made of 316L stainless steel and are completely customizable. QuickDrain ShowerLine, featuring a PVC drain body, is ideal for tub-to-shower conversions.

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10_ProLineDrainVerticalWasteOutletCentered_H_001.jpg - QuickDrain ProLine 26 in. Trough 28 in. Length Center Outlet Stainless Steel Shower Drain

QuickDrain ProLine Drain Body



Approved Two Band Coupling

Pro Line

Can also be installed with other waterproofing options, available separately for purchase including hot mop and CPE/PVC liner options

Custom shower drain lengths available from 10 in. to 100 in. sizes

Side waste outlets, commercial waste outlets, multiple waste outlets and resinous drains available upon request

Drain capacity for 2 in. outlet is 12 GPM in a shower pan with curb and 5 GPM in a shower pan without a curb at the entry. Note: actual volume is limited by the plumbing lines and P-trap

QuickDrain ProLine linear shower drain bodies are made of 18 gauge, 316L marine grade stainless steel material

Ideal choice for healthcare markets, can be used in residential and hospitality as well where customization is desired

Internally sloped trough ensures no stagnant water sitting in the trough at any time, eliminating hard water build up

Length adjustability of drain trough with use of trough extensions to accommodate finished openings from 28 in. to 72 in. when using stock lengths

Recommend the shower drain cover extend the entire length of the shower pan, which would span from vertical to vertical surface (wall to wall, wall to curb, or wall to partition/glass)

ProLine linear shower drain bodies ship with a topical liquid waterproofing kit, liquid solutions sold independently

28 in.


29.5 in.


32 in.

35 in.


38 in.


42 in.


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