Tanner Palacios Trusts Hercules Thread Sealants to Get the Job Done in a “Clean and Professional” Way

While most all-purpose, professional-grade PTFE thread-sealing tapes will do a fine job, regardless of appearance, have you considered how the look and feel of thread sealant tapes can impact the quality of your work? 

Your current choice of sealing tape might apply well enough; however, it may not look as professional or clean as it could. According to third-year plumbing apprentice, Tanner Palacios, a color change can make all the difference. 

Tanner prefers using Hercules Megatape for residential plumbing service involving half-inch, three-quarter-inch, and one-inch water and drain screen fittings. Before using Megatape, Tanner used Blue Monster because it was recommended by his former employer, Knight Pluming in Littleton, Colorado. After Tanner saw Oatey’s Social Media Ambassadors using Megatape on Instagram, he decided to make the switch.

“I was searching for a while to find it until I finally messaged an Oatey social media ambassador on Instagram,” recalls Tanner, “I haven’t looked back since.” 

Before recently switching to Megatape, Tanner didn’t realize how big an impact color can make on a plumbing job. “I liked the color difference between the two,” says Tanner, referring to the gray hue of the Megatape, “The neutral color looks a lot more clean and professional.” 

When used with chrome or stainless steel fittings, Megatape’s gray color improves the look of repairs, compared with white, yellow, blue or orange tapes. "I hated how the blue poked out of my fitting, especially on copper," states Tanner. 

It was also important for Tanner to find an alternative with the same thickness as the previous brand he used. At 3.5 mm thick, Megatape provides more PTFE than most tapes to seal better with fewer wraps. 

After inquiring about Megatape on social media, Tanner received seven rolls from Oatey to use for his work. As he continued to try out the product, Tanner quickly realized that he couldn’t envision himself using any other tape. 

Pro Dope: Tanner is also an avid fan of Hercules Pro Dope, an oil-based thread sealant. He saw licensed Master Plumber Eric Aune of Mechanical Hub mention the product on his Instagram page, while also witnessing other plumbers use it. 

Tanner previously used a Blue Monster product, but disliked the blue color: 

"You would see the blue remnants on your drain grates, and I didn't really like that," he says. "The Pro Dope naturally fits better and is perfect for everything I need to do. 

"I also liked how the Pro Dope does not drip or spill,” he continues, elaborating on his reasons for switching. “It's not as watery as other dopes, because it has a better texture." 

Hercules Pro Dope has a uniform, smooth consistency that ensures easy application without it sliding off of pipe joints. 

Tanner maintains that Oatey truly supports the trades through innovations like Megatape and Pro Dope. Seeing fellow plumbing professionals trust Oatey products so much has definitely made a strong impression: Plumbing pros genuinely believe in Oatey. 

Tanner recently left Knight Plumbing to join another plumbing contractor and his continued dedication to Megatape and Pro Dope led him to recommend the products to his new employer and plumbing team. "We have things we can do to set ourselves apart from the competition, even if it's just making our tape joints look cleaner on our jobs," reiterates Tanner. 


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