4 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies tend to cause major inconvenience in your home. And they seem to always happen at the worst times, whether it be in the middle of the night, early in the morning, or over the weekend. While some emergencies can be addressed with the help of household plumbing tools, a plumbing professional should handle more serious problems. 

The best way to anticipate what could arise is by knowing these common plumbing emergencies:

1. Backed Up Toilet

The toilet is the most important plumbing feature in your home. It can be frustrating when it suddenly stops doing its job. A quick fix would be to plunge right in to eliminate the clog. But if plunging it doesn’t work and the fixture starts to overflow, then there is a blockage somewhere in the plumbing system. 

Avoid taking any remedial action until a plumber can identify the cause of the backed-up toilet.

Oatey Tip: To help avoid potential clogs in the future, be sure to flush only toilet paper. Avoid flushing any sanitary products, paper towels, and wet wipes.

2. Burst Pipes

When there is significant leakage around an exposed pipe, chances are the pipe is corroded or was not sealed properly. If you suspect your pipes have burst, you will want to call a professional as soon as possible to fix the problem. 

Some common signs would be a puddle of water around the pipe, noises coming from the pipe, decreased water pressure, and an increased utility bill.

Oatey Tip: If the plumber cannot get there right away, try using an epoxy putty, like Oatey’s Fix-It Stick, to plug leaks, fill in cracks, holes, and more. Most epoxy products involve a two-part application process.

3. Water Heater Malfunction

You wake up for the day, turn on the shower and hop in, expecting the water to be comfortably hot. Instead, you're immediately hit with ice-cold water. 

While that’s one way to wake up, you could be experiencing a water heater malfunction, caused by a leak or a gas or electrical issue. If you do not have hot water, call a plumber immediately to diagnose and repair the problem.

Oatey Tip: It’s important to take time to inspect and examine your water heater periodically. Regular maintenance can minimize the likelihood of breakdowns, assuring you will enjoy hot running water all year round.

4. Clogged Shower Drain or Bathtub Drain

There's nothing worse than standing in the shower and feeling the soapy, lukewarm water pool puddling beneath your feet. Shower and bathtub drains typically clog due to hair, soap scum, and other debris. To mitigate the frequency of a blockage, use a hair catcher. But call a professional plumber to look into the issue if a clog continues.

Oatey Tip: Try fixing a clogged bathroom drain with Glug Crystals Drain Opener. This product uses powerful crystalline flakes to quickly clear sluggish drains and dissolve hair, soap, other organic material and grease clogs.

When plumbing emergencies arise, they cause a significant disruption to your life. Regular maintenance in these household areas can go a long way towards preventing the issue from occurring. However, if you do find a plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help. 

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