Oatey® Quiet Pipes® Hammer Arrestors Size D

34497_h.jpg - Oatey® Quiet Pipes® D, 1 in. MIP
Oatey® Quiet Pipes® Hammer Arrestors Size D

Oatey® Quiet Pipes® D, 1 in. MIP

Oatey® Quiet Pipes® Hammer Arrestors help solve current and potential water hammer problems. Quiet Pipes uses a piston design to help absorb the water shock in the system. When a valve is closed abruptly, the water moves into the pressurized chamber of the hammer and the water pressure is absorbed to prevent banging within the pipeline. Once the water flow comes out of the chamber, it is dissipated to the rest of the water line. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years.

UPC: 038753344973
Part #: 34497

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Key Features
Key Features
  • Water hammer arrestor with shock-absorbing chamber
  • Helps reduce water line noise from loud hammering valves
  • May be installed on a hot or cold water valve in any direction
  • Shock-absorbing chamber reduces the banging noise from water line vibrations
  • Protects plumbing appliances and fixtures from the effects of water hammer and helps extend the life of your valves
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically and in any position in between
  • Installation does not require cutting your drywall
  • Copper construction
  • Quiet Pipes feature a simple piston design that delivers superior quality and ensures longer life
  • D size in a straight shape
  • 1 in. MIP connection
Brand: Oatey
Connection Size: 1 in.
Size: D
Shape: Straight
Connection Type: MIP
Material: Copper
Weight: 1.25 LB

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