Harvey™ TFE Paste

078864230451_H_001.jpg - Harvey™ 8 oz. TFE Paste
Harvey™ TFE Paste
023045.jpg - Harvey™ 8 oz. TFE Paste
Harvey™ TFE Paste
078864230451_APP_001.jpg - Harvey™ 8 oz. TFE Paste
Harvey™ TFE Paste
Harvey™ TFE Paste is a non-hardening and non-separating white thread compound made with PTFE. For more than 75 years, Harvey™ has offered a wide variety of products for the plumbing sector.
Key Features
Key Features
  • Seals and lubricates plastic or metal threaded joints
  • Non-hardening and non-separating
  • Withstands up to 3,000 psi on gases from -50 °to +400°F, and 10,000 psi on liquids from -50° to +500°F
  • For use with plastic or metal threaded pipe carrying water, steam, caustics or dilute acid
Color: White
Brand: Harvey
Set Speed: Immediate
Product Type: With PTFE
Set Type: Soft Set
Material Compatibility: ABS
Material Compatibility: Aluminum
Material Compatibility: Brass
Material Compatibility: CPVC
Material Compatibility: Copper
Material Compatibility: Plastics
Material Compatibility: PVC
Material Compatibility: Stainless Steel
California VOC Compliant: Yes
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