Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts®

Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts®
Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts®
Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts®
Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts®
Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts®
Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts® feature a universal application that fit all flanges and material types. Their increased head size assure that bolts won't fall through the drain pipe. Bolts contain more threads, and specified design creates a secure fit so the nut will stay in place during installation.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Corrosion proof nylon closet bolts
  • Product must exceed 1,200 lbs.tensile strength per bolt
  • Product designed with 14 threads per inch to reduce backing out
  • Universal application designed to fit into any flange or spacer; the product’s thinner base allows product to slide into bolt slots when the flange is flush to floor
  • Eliminates need for two nuts
  • Specifically designed to ensure bolts don’t fall through
  • Product used with bolt caps; resists damaging china due to overtightening
Brand: Harvey
Application: Floor Mounted Toilet
Product Type: Bol-Bolts
Material: Nylon
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