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All ½”, ¾” and 1” wide tapes are installed the same way. After you select the proper size of tape for your thread, you will wrap in a clockwise motion, while keeping the tape at the bottom of the thread. For ½”, ¾” and 1” pipe threads you will only need to wrap the threads in a straight pattern 3 to 5 times around the male thread, if the tape width is the same size as pipe diameter. For 1¼” pipe threads and above or when tape width is smaller than pipe size, you will wrap 4 to 5 times starting at the end of threads and working up. 

There are no limitations on the diameter of the pipe. You should always wrap the tape enough times around the male threads in order to fill the spigot (female threads). Any pipe sizes over 1¼” with pressure and fluids moving through it should have the male threads wrapped with tape and then the approved pipe joint compound spread over the tape.

Yes. All Oatey thread sealant tapes will work on natural gas lines. Oatey does however recommend the use of yellow gas line thread tape with PTFE on all natural gas line installations, product #31403. The Oatey yellow gas line thread tape is approved by code for this application and the yellow color is a visual identifier that the correct tape was used in the application. 

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