Our Sustainability Principles

Sustainable business practices are embedded in Oatey’s purpose. That means we support products, processes and communities that take future generations into consideration. Throughout our history, Oatey has embraced social and environmental responsibility as part of doing business. Today, our commitment to sustainability, led by the Planeteers Sustainability team, is rooted in three key pillars:


Our footprint: Minimizing the impact of our operations on the global ecosystem


Our products: Developing and marketing products that solve environment problems


Our communities: Encouraging ecologically sensitive practices in our communities


As we look to the future, we know that sustainable business practices will continue to be critical to our success, as well as to the health of our planet and communities. That’s why we’re committed to being a dynamic organization that embraces innovative technologies, advocates for positive change and does the right thing. It’s what’s best for our business, and it’s what’s best for our world.

Our Infrastructures

In addition, our Distribution Center and Customer Support Center in Cleveland are LEED certified, designed to reduce natural resource consumption and operational costs, enhance the comfort and health of our associates, and minimize strain on local infrastructure.

We believe that embracing our sustainability principles not only helps protect our environment and enhance our communities, but it makes Oatey a stronger company.