Purpose, Values & Vision


Since the day L.R. Oatey began the company, our purpose has been to build trust and improve lives through the products that we make. We spend every day making this a priority, throughout the organization.

Improve Lives

Build Trust

Deliver Quality



Work together to achieve shared goals


Honor God in all we do. Be honest and have strong moral principles.


For oneself, each other, our environment, and our business relationships. Embrace diversity and be empathetic.


Take initiative and be accountable.


Set the standard within our community, our markets, our industry, and with our associates.


Performance driven to maximize opportunities.



As a market leader and manufacturer, customers and end users will depend on us to perform. We will not disappoint. We will grow profitably, sustaining our organization through changing market conditions. Our brands and products will be requested by name and will represent reliability, trust, quality and value.


We will enrich the lives of those we influence. We will build on a commitment of teamwork and trust with our associates and business partners, while never forgetting where we came from. We will attract and retain top talent to be an employer of choice.


We will challenge the status quo, harnessing the creativity and knowledge within our organization. We will innovate and embrace emerging technologies to lead change within our markets. Building from our core plumbing business, we will positively influence our environment by improving water use. We will remain customer-focused as our business develops globally.


We will foster an environment that embraces diversity - acknowledging, valuing, and utilizing the unique experiences and perspectives of our associates.