Oatey® 3000 Series Well-Tite™

Oatey® 3000 Series Well-Tite™
Oatey® 3000 Series Well-Tite™ is a medium-bodied blue cement formulated for wet conditions or situations involving fast installation or pressurization of flexible and rigid PVC pipe and fittings up to 6" diameter with interference fit.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Lo-V.O.C. Solvent Cement meets California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) 1168/316A or BAAQMD Method 40 and various environmental requirements
  • Meets ASTM D2564
  • No primer needed on non-pressure DWV, where local codes permit
  • Recommended application temperature 40°F to 110°F / 4°C to 43°C
  • Recommended for potable water, pressure pipe and DWV applications
  • Very fast setting
Brand: Oatey
Color: Blue
Material: PVC
Maximum Application Temperature °C: 43
Maximum Application Temperature °F: 110
Maximum Use Temperature °F: 140
Product Type: PVC Cement
Set Speed: Very Fast Set
Set Type: Standard (40 - 105° F)
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