Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer

Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer
Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer
Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer
Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer is formulated to eliminate and prevent root growth in sewer-type lines. Plumbers have come to trust the Hercules offering to provide the highest quality of plumbing products.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Helps eliminate overflow damage, sewage flow restriction and back-up odors due to root penetration
  • Non-acid, Non-Caustic herbicide formulated to eliminate and prevent root growth in sewer type linesllDissolves slowly
  • Safe to use in lines leading to septic tanks, cesspools and drywells
  • Will not destroy trees, shrubs, or other vegetation
  • Helps prevent sump and ejector pump root damage and motor overload from pumping into restricted line
  • Not for use in CT or some jurisditions in CAllLarge “root grade” crystals are blended with an active wetting agent enabling R-D crystals to adhere to the root mass longer, dissolve slower and effectively kill and eliminate root blockages.
[UPC] 032628206021 · [Part #] 20602
Material: Non-Acid
Brand: Hercules
Product Type: Non/Acid
Application: Drain Pipe
Septic Safe: Yes
Material Compatibility: Root Growth
Size: 2 Lb
Color: Blue

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