Hercules® Dark Cutting Oil

Hercules® Dark Cutting Oil
Hercules® Dark Cutting Oil
Hercules® Dark Cutting Oil
Hercules® Dark Cutting Oil
Hercules® Clear Cutting Oil is compounded for cutting clean, unbroken threads when using manual or low-RPM threading machine operations on small sizes of steel or brass pipe. Low torque means less work, less heat generated and a longer life for tools. Plumbers have come to trust the Hercules offering to provide the highest quality of plumbing products.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Excellent lubricant for cutting sharp threadsllContains activated sulfur-lard and extreme pressure-antiwear additives
  • Free of halogens, PCBs and heavy metals
  • Cointains no nitrosamine-forming compounds or chlorine additivesllAlso used for hacksawing and light drilling
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Long lasting formula with less residue backup
  • USDA Listed
  • For warranty product details, refer to the Oatey limited Warranty document
Color: Dark
Brand: Hercules
Application: High Speed
Product Type: Dark Cutting Oil
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