Harvey™ Heat 100 Antifreeze

078864168709_H_001.jpg - Harvey™ 55 gal. Heat-100 Antifreeze
Harvey™ Heat 100 Antifreeze
Harvey™ Heat 100 Antifreeze is for winterizing hydronic heating, cooling, potable water and closed loop solar systems. Contains inhibited propylene glycol which provides unsurpassed rust and metal corrosion protection. For more than 75 years, Harvey™ has offered a wide variety of products for the plumbing sector.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Concentrated
  • Burst protection to -100°F
  • Non toxic, Propylene Glycol-based hydronic fluid and anti-freeze
  • Inhibited for use in hydronic heating, cooling, potable water and closed looped solar systems
  • Also for non-drainable fire hydrants and sprinkler systems
  • May be diluted with water
  • Contains 70% actives.
Brand: Harvey
Product Type: -100° Grade
Color: Yellow
Material: Liquid
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