Cherne® Original Big-Mouth®

675115269019_h_001.jpg - Cherne® Original Big-Mouth® 10-12 IN.
Cherne® Original Big-Mouth®
Cherne® Big Mouth® Plugs are a great tool for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping and feature an interchangeable bypass flange, allowing the same plug to be used for multiple applications.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Large male NPT threaded bypass
  • Equipped with removable 3/8 in. eye bolt for lifting and lowering with a poly-lift line
  • Lightweight aluminum bypass
  • Removeable tank valve
Brand: Cherne
Product Type: Original Big Mouth
Maximum Back Pressure: 11 psi (0,76 bar)/25 ft. (7.6 M)
Color: Black
Inflation Thread: 1/4 in. (1)
Chain Eye Bolts: 3/8 in. (1)
Plug Type: Bypass
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