Cherne® MS2® Long Test-Ball®

274-534_h.jpg - Cherne® 4in.- 6in. MS2® Plug
Cherne® MS2® Long Test-Ball®
274-534_i.jpg - Cherne® 4in.- 6in. MS2® Plug
Cherne® MS2® Long Test-Ball®

Cherne® 4in.- 6in. MS2® Plug

Cherne® MS2® Long Test-Ball® Plugs are designed for waste stack testing and can be used to seal the wye to conduct sewer air tests. The plug works in multiple pipe diameters, and molded-in sealing ribs ensure a leak-free seal.

UPC: 675115274532
Part #: 274534

Available in 3 variations

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Key Features
Key Features
  • Designed for waste stack testing from floor drain to sewer pipe
  • Long enough to seal wye vertical riser and sewer run
  • Multi-stage deflation eliminates backsplash
  • Pressure relief valve to safeguard against over-inflation
  • Nylon strap and safety handle prevents plug from sliding down a line
  • Includes 5' extension hose
Weight: 3.91 lbs.
Inflation Pressure: 30 psi (2,1 bar)
Usage Range: 3.5 - 6.25 in. (89 - 159 mm)
Deflated Length: 26.62 in.
Nominal Size: 4 in. - 6 in. (100 - 150 mm)
Deflated Diameter: 3.25 in. (83 mm)
Brand: Cherne
Maximum Back Pressure: 13 psi (0,9 bar)/30 ft. (9.1 M)
Color: Black
Product Type: MS2 Long Test-Ball
Chain Eye Bolts: Strap and Handle
Inflation Thread: tank valve
Plug Type: Blocking
Available in 3 Variations
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