Cherne® End-Of-Pipe Gripper®

675115270244-01-01.jpg - Cherne® 3 in. End of Pipe Gripper® Plug
675115270244_H_001.jpg - Cherne® 3 in. End of Pipe Gripper® Plug
Cherne® End-Of-Pipe Gripper®
Cherne® End-of-Pipe Gripper® Plugs can be used in applications including DWV (drain, waste and vent) testing and stack testing. End-of-pipe design seals only at the end of a pipe. Cherne Industries is a global leader in pipe plug, blocking and testing.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Plug is rated for 17 PSI or 40 ft. of head pressure
  • Extra large zinc wing nut for ease of tightening, no wrench required
  • Natural rubber O-ring for excellent expansion and memory
  • ABS glass-reinforced plates for added strength
Maximum Back Pressure: 17 psi (1,2 bar)/40 ft (12 M)
Brand: Cherne
Product Type: End-of-Pipe Gripper
Color: Yellow
Material: Metal
Plug Type: Blocking
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