Cherne® Air-Loc® Leak Locator

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Cherne® Air-Loc® Leak Locator

Air-Loc Plug 24-60 In., W/Sleeve

Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs are leak locator plugs designed for line acceptance tests and leak location testing. They also can be used as blocking plugs by plugging the fill and read-back ports. Cherne Industries is a global leader in pipe plugs and testing.

UPC: 675115617605
Part #: 617608

Available in 24 variations

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Key Features
Key Features
  • Color coded inflation ports match hose and panel for Air-Loc system
  • Includes sleeve
  • Designed for low presure air testing and leak location testing
Weight: 293 lbs.
Deflated Length: 88 in. (2235 mm)
Color: Black
Deflated Diameter: 20.77 in.
Inflation Thread: 0.25 in.
Nominal Size: 24 in. - 60 in. (1400 - 1500 mm) with sleeve
Inflation Pressure: 22 PSI
Usage Range: 20.5 in. - 60.5 in. (520 - 1537 mm)
Product Type: Air-Loc
Chain Eye Bolts: 0.75 in. Eyebolt
Product Group Primary Sku: No
Maximum Back Pressure: 6 PSI
Plug Type: Blocking
Brand: Cherne
Available in 24 Variations
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