Multi-Generational Plumbing w/ the Sbrocco Family

Get ready for an episode packed with entertaining “Doug-isms” coupled with insightful (and downright hilarious) stories from one of our favorite dynamic duos – John and Chris Sbrocco. They join The Fix to discuss their career journeys, what it’s like working with each other and passing on the trade within their family.

The uncle-nephew pair shares a special bond over their love of plumbing, entrepreneurship and dedication to the trade. Chris, now a successful Master Plumber and business owner based in Cleveland, was introduced to the plumbing trade by his Uncle Johnny, who he worked for nearly 10 years before starting his own company. Similarly, John’s plumbing career took off after his uncle took him under his wing and taught him the tricks of the trade.


Chris Sbrocco, Owner & Founder: Pro Service Plumbing, Claim Professionals and Earthworks Environmental, Oatey Brand Ambassador

John Sbrocco, Owner & Founder J.R. Sbrocco Plumbing

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