Helping Students Find Success Where Their Aptitude & Interests Meet

We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Michele Scott Taylor, who has spent most of her career in higher education administration developing and guiding a myriad of young students toward successful professional paths. Currently, Michele serves as the Chief Program Officer of College Now Greater Cleveland, an organization that helps middle/high school students and adult learners throughout Northeast Ohio reach postsecondary completion through the facilitation of educational opportunities, career counseling, college access advising, financial aid and more.

Michele and her team empower students to pursue postsecondary educations that best align with their interests, passions and aptitudes – whether that includes completing a certification, on-the-job training, associate program, trade apprenticeship or four-year college degree. Don’t let its name fool you – College Now welcomes every type of student, not just those with college aspirations.

Tune in for Michele’s unique take on how we can better grow the trades talent pipeline by nurturing students’ interests while also effectively assessing their aptitude and exposing them to real-world professionals, as well as organizations, in the trades and beyond. She offers both parents and educators great advice on how they can help put students on a viable career pathway with long-term financial security and independence.

Guest: Dr. Michele Scott Taylor, Chief Program Officer, College Now Greater Cleveland

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