Plumber Uses Air Admittance Valve For Outdoor Washrooms, Ensuring Proper Venting and Protection Against Moisture

Ontario, Canada — As the designated plumber for many pool contractors in the area, Mike Pimentel, owner and operator of Pimentel Plumbing and Heating often handles the plumbing installation for outdoor washroom projects, both residential and commercial applications.

For a recent poolside washroom cabana, Mike says he installed a macerator pump system to handle drainage from the plumbing fixtures. He adds that when using a macerator he prefers venting via Oatey’s Sure-Vent Air Admittance Valves (AAV).

AAV — also known as a Studor Vent, Studor AAV, or Mini Vent — is a one-way mechanical valve that is installed locally at the site of a plumbing fixture. This allows proper venting to occur without a connection to a larger venting system and stack vent. Surrounding Oatey’s SureVent is a protective sleeve that provides grip for installation and keeps the valve free from debris.

“I like to eliminate as much moisture and water coming down the vents as possible, especially in our climate,” explains Mike, “We get cold winters, so we often use antifreeze in our plumbing and drainage systems. The Sure-Vent is great, because the vent is not exposed to open air.”

Mike also finds that the Oatey Sure-Vent can be used in any accessible place. Besides outdoor pool applications, he also likes to use them in residential applications where the vent is not in an accessible location.

Pool in backyard

Mike says Sure-Vent provides material savings, because he doesn’t need to use as many components as he would with traditional venting through a home’s existing venting system. “Sometimes you have to run a vent 20 or 30 feet away, which requires a lot of additional plumbing material.

“Using the SureVent in combination with other products is a great way to save time and money,” he continues, “because it’s quick and easy to install. You simply cut a piece of the pipe, glue it to the Sure-Vent, and put Teflon tape around the threads.” Oatey recommends applying pipe joint compound or thread seal tape to the male threads of the valve during installation.

When equipping a cabana with a macerator system, Mike prefers to install the unit in a nearby mechanical room. He then runs the drain line from the fixtures through the mechanical-room wall along with the vents, connecting all these lines to the macerator. He finally ties it all together, using the Sure-Vent to allow proper venting without a connection to a larger venting system and stack vent.

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