Dearborn ADA Pipe Wrap

Durability Meets Intuitive Design

Dearborn ADA Pipe Wrap provides heavyweight protection with soft, lightweight material

Covering under-the-sink pipes provides much-needed safety and peace of mind for individuals in wheelchairs. Yet many existing pipe wraps are bulky, heavy and time-consuming to install. Dearborn ADA pipe wrap gives commercial plumbing systems the industry’s most professional finished appearance with an easy, intuitive installation process. 

Squeeze and seal for a perfect fit

Dearborn ADA pipe wrap is made from a highly durable, antimicrobial material that is lightweight and soft to the touch. The intuitive design protects against sharp corners, abrasive surfaces and elevated temperatures while softening accidental impact to prevent injury. Hook and Loop Fasterners allow for simple and fast installation, and can be easily removed without damaging points of connection. Simply squeeze the pipe wrap material to seal for a clean, professional looking fit that conforms to all parts of a commercial plumbing system.

Q&A With Master Plumber Doug Buchan

What’s unique about the design of Dearborn ADA pipe wrap?
The material itself gives you a lot of different benefits in one product. It is a durable, antimicrobial material that is also lightweight and soft. That combination is beneficial before, during and after installation.

How does it compare to other pipe wraps? DearbornSafetySeries
For commercial plumbers, there’s a lot of value in products that are easy to transport and intuitive to use. Hook and loop connections also make installation very easy.

Just as important, ADA pipe wrap increases safety and comfort for people in wheelchairs. It gives commercial plumbing systems a durable but soft covering that can stand up to day-to-day contact and regular cleaning without tearing. And its antimicrobial properties help promote a more sanitary environment.

How do you install ADA pipe wrap?
This was the fastest ADA wrap product I have ever installed. If you need to cut the pieces to size with a box cutter or scissors, it’s fast and easy.

There are kits available for straight and offset grid drain applications, so it’s versatile. Each individual component conforms easily to a part of the plumbing system underneath the sink. All you need to do is adjust the fit using the fasteners. Wrap the material around the pipe, push it down to seal and you’re done.

How does the pipe wrap look when finished?
The final appearance is clean and discreet. Because the wrap conforms to 1¼” and 1½” tubular pipes, it gives you a tight fit that isn’t bulky. There is no extra material or fasteners jutting out. It does the job and looks very professional.

Using Hook and Loop Fasteners also keeps the pipe wrap secure while making it easy to adapt to offset supply lines. Plus, it’s even quicker to remove and reinstall the pipe wrap for drain cleaning or maintenance.

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