Oatey Fusion™ Single-Step PVC Cement makes DIY projects faster and easier

Achieving professional-quality results from your DIY plumbing projects just got easier with Oatey FUSION single-step Clear Self-Priming Medium PVC Cement. FUSION single-step cement eliminates the extra step of priming in PVC projects, while giving your projects a neater, transparent finish.

Save time, money and cleanup

As the industry leader in solvent cements, Oatey developed FUSION to bring DIYers a cleaner, simpler way to fuse PVC pipes and fittings without using primer**. Compared with traditional PVC cements, FUSION’s thicker, drip-less formula gives you extra time to align pipes and fittings perfectly before they fuse. FUSION single-step cement also is low-odor, contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and UPC listed, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for any DIY plumbing or craft projects.

Q & A With Master Plumber Doug Buchan

How does FUSION single-step cement work?

As a self-priming solvent cement, FUSION softens the surfaces of PVC pipes and fittings until they become semi-fluid; then they can be fused and bonded together to create water and air-tight joints. FUSION provides great bonding strength and eliminates the need for primer. You get the effect of two products — a primer and a cement — in one.

What are the advantages of using a self-priming PVC cement?

In my experience, primer can be challenging to apply if you don’t do it every day. If you spill primer, it will cause immediate and permanent damage to clothing, flooring or other surfaces. Using a single-step cement instantly saves time, and potentially costly or difficult cleanup, because you’re removing the extra step of priming.

What else makes FUSION good for DIY projects?

FUSION single-step cement has a thicker formula than other cements, so it adheres better to the pipe and fitting surface for a drip-less application.

The formula is also clear, which gives you a clean, transparent look at the end of the project. You don’t see all the excess cement and primer splattered across the fitting and pipe.

Also, DIYers are looking for products without lingering odors or harsh fumes. FUSION is low in VOCs, which can negatively impact the environment, and it has almost no odor.

3 tips for using PVC solvent cement

  • Put down protection. Solvent cements can cause damage when spilled on some surfaces. Cover flooring, furniture and other surfaces to protect against spills.
  • Practice safety. Only use PVC solvent cements on PVC materials. And for plumbing applications, use products that are NSF listed, which means they are safe to use on pipes that are exposed to drinking water.
  • Buy only what you will need. For smaller plumbing or craft projects, buy products sold in smaller quantities to save money and reduce waste. (Oatey FUSION single-step PVC cement is sold in 10-ounce cans to accommodate smaller DIY projects.)

**Please follow directions and review warnings on the product before use.

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