MODA™ combines the best features of plumbing outlet boxes

The Oatey MODA Modular Supply Box System provides fast and easy installation for multiple applications.

Flexible and versatile plumbing products are essential on the job site. That’s why Oatey created the MODA™ Modular Supply Box System, a new, innovative outlet box for water supply and drainage connections. 

The latest new product from Oatey combines the best features of traditional supply boxes in one, multi-purpose system. With MODA box, residential and commercial plumbers save time and frustration on supply box installations by having a single-box solution for washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, kitchens and air admittance valves.

A single-box system for plumbing contractors, MODA box makes supply box installation fast and easy with multiple mounting configurations and fitting options, as well as a sleek, compact design. The innovative supply box system offers:

  • Modular, flexible design
  • Comprehensive connections and hammer/no-hammer to handle all requirements of job site specifications
  • Extensive configuration options, including side-by-side, over and under, upright and inverted to accommodate multiple wall locations, and ability to be separated for rear drain and side water applications (i.e., stackable washer and dryer)
  • Optional use as a condensation drain.

Q&A with Master Plumber Doug Buchan

What makes the Oatey MODA box system so innovative?

Oatey designed the MODA box using extensive knowledge of the countless plumbing problems that can or will occur on the job site. By determining the root cause of common outlet box issues – starting from the point of failure and working back to the supply box installation – plumbers and industrial engineers worked together to solve those problems in a single, multi-purpose supply unit. 

How does MODA box make a contractor’s job easier?

Everything about MODA box helps to eliminate problems and increase productivity for plumbing contractors.
The wing flanges are very sturdy and will easily snap together in any configuration, giving you countless installation options. You can install them on a stud, straddling a stud or as a three-box installation, and boxes can be mounted side-by-side, upright, over-and-under, inverted and separate from one another for a multi-wall installation.

Easy and flexible orientation is also an important feature. With MODA box, you can use a single box for a washing machine installation with an inverted valve. No matter which way you turn it, the interior dimensions are large enough to work in comfortably, and they can easily accommodate components such as hammer arresters.

Installation and repositioning of the box are quick and easy. The box has nail guides, and a V-clip attaches it to metal studs in commercial applications. Plus, our two-piece valve replacement takes under 30 seconds and doesn’t require you to cut into the drywall. And one face plate fits every box. These benefits help contractors cut down on insurance claims, drywall work and repainting.

What are some features exclusive to the Moda box system?

One unique feature is the drain box, which comes with a small, emergency drain port to connect a runoff tube. This allows contractors to identify a water connection leak and repair it before any more damage occurs, again helping them minimize insurance claims and additional labor. The water supply connections also accommodate all required job sites and come with a quarter-turn test plug, which you do not need a tool to use.

The system was designed for easy installation in a range of applications. For example, the ice maker valve isn’t a single, hard piece. The valve easily swivels right and left when minimal pressure is applied from the supply line as the refrigerator is being pushed back toward the wall, this helps prevent kinks and leaks from the supply line. The lavatory box for sinks and toilets is accompanied by an extra-large, rigid bracket that assembles in seconds and is extremely easy to place, saving the contractor time and frustration. For washing machine applications, you can use separate valve and drain boxes, straddling the stud to prevent supply and drain line crossover. MODA box also accommodates a water softener backwash valve, and AAV valves install with a simple quarter turn.

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