Four reasons why a plumbing inspection is necessary before purchasing your next home

Whether your first residence or your third, purchasing a new home can be an exciting adventure. More often than not, you have a list of must-haves, ranging from the number of bedrooms to countertop space and granite countertops to yard space. When you find the home of your dreams that checks off the majority, if not all, of the boxes on your list, remember that there is more than meets the eye.

Ensuring that your home’s systems operate properly and efficiently before closing is as critical as closet space and light fixtures. Through a thorough home inspection, you can identify potential issues the naked eye cannot see. Although plumbing system inspections are not a requirement, performing one can save time and money you weren't looking to spend.

Let's explore four reasons why a plumbing inspection should be top of your list.

1.    Home Valuation

Negotiating is a part of the home-buying process. A thorough inspection should identify any issues with your plumbing system, while offering insight on how to proceed with the purchase. According to, you have the option to withdraw your offer, request repairs, or negotiate a credit or a lower purchasing price.

2.    Remove the element of surprise

More often than not, plumbing issues rear their ugly heads when you least expect it, as a home's plumbing system stays hidden behind walls or cabinets. An inspection allows you to stay one step ahead before sealing the deal on your investment.

For example, if the inspection uncovers corrosion or leaks in a pipe, factor in the cost of repairing the pipe, including removing and replacing the problematic section, in your decision to purchase the home.

3.    Time Savings

As with any home system issues, plumbing repairs take time, whether you have the time to give or not. From scheduling a plumbing professional to arranging a time for you to be home while the repairs are made, this work inevitably requires time out of your schedule to be completed.

With supply chain issues at their highest, expected delivery times for parts have increased. If your repair requires this, these delays can leave you without plumbing services for days or weeks.

In short, you can save yourself the time needed for repairs by staying one step ahead.

4.    Cost Savings

Purchasing a home is a large investment, and so are plumbing issues potentially. The costs of hiring a plumber to do various repairs can add up. Invest in a plumbing inspection to prevent unexpected expenses after closing on your home. Take a look at this blog that breaks down key plumbing issues to watch for in the home-buying process.

Make sure to hire a licensed home inspector to complete a thorough inspection of your home. Although the entire plumbing system should be assessed, there are a few top elements to highlight during the process. 

●    Toilets: Toilet leaks occur at the toilet's base, causing water damage to the subfloor. Inspect the floor around the base for discoloration or lack of firmness on the surrounding area.

The Oatey® Reinforced Wax Bowl Ring provides a 100%-pure-petroleum wax gasket that provides a permanent seal. It comes with a polycarbonate sleeve that extends the discharge opening that assures proper bowl alignment, preventing damaging leaks.

●    Water heaters: Check the water heater’s delivery efficiency to hot-water outlets, as well as the heater itself for any leaks. These checks along with the age of this absolutely critical household appliance can help determine if a replacement is or will be needed in the near future. Keep this in mind when negotiating your offer.
●    Pipe leaks: Note any leaks from exposed pipes, as the inspection is conducted. Watch for any existing water damage, mold, or corrosion. Oatey offers an All-Purpose Leak Detector that, when applied, will indicate even the smallest pipe leak by forming large bubbles at the leak site.

●    Quality of water: If any discoloration is present, there may be corrosion issues within the plumbing system.
●    Main sewer line: If possible, see if your inspector will assess the main sewer line. A special camera will allow him to locate partial breaks or root intrusions in your line, resulting in a costly repair.

Oatey offers the Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer that prevents and stops root growth in external drain lines. The drain line will need to be mechanically opened (snaked) to allow water flow if it is completely blocked. Once the line is open, a service tech can apply Root Destroyer at or near the root clog's location. A treatment before bedtime will allow the Root Destroyer to work overnight without being flushed out by household drainage too soon.

Keeping all of these valuable tips in mind will help to ensure that your next move is the right move.

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