What makes QuickDrain shower drains so much better? Design is key. Conventional center situated shower drains are fraught with problems. The compound slope required for these drains can lead to water pooling and can cause unsightly mold growth in the shower pan. Traditional  shower drain covers  are often made of flimsy material that discolors or breaks with time. They are difficult to clean and are also prime spots for mold growth. QuickDrain linear drains are made from high quality stainless steel and are engineered to keep water from accumulating in the trough after use. Additionally, our shower drain covers are made to filter out large items from the drain while also presenting an appealing accent to your shower floor. That means no moldy shower floors or objectionable odors. QuickDrain manufactures pre-sloped panels for installation in showers of various sizes, plus accessories to ensure a precise custom fit. Best of all, installation  takes less than a day for most contractors. For homeowners who tackle the job themselves, great results are within reach, because we are available to answer questions and provide support.


What makes a QuickDrain system such an important addition to contemporary bathrooms? Visual appeal is one factor. With QuickDrain zero entry shower products, there are no breaks in floor level throughout the room. Not only does this impart continuity unattainable with traditional shower pans and shower drains, it also means there are far fewer corners where unsightly dirt and residue may accumulate.

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