Is there a flange available used to replace a broken or corroded cast iron flange for a toilet?

Is there a replacement flange for a PVC or ABS toilet flanges when the existing metal flange has rusted away?

How do I install a No-Caulk Shower Drain (step by step)?

What designer finishes is available for shower strainers?

Can I replace a round shower strainer with a square one?

When would a Closet Flange Spacer Kit be used, and how is it installed?

How do you remove a Snap-Tite strainer?

What size screws are needed for the shower strainers?

What material are the shower strainer screws made from?

What is the finished height of the vertical drain pipe when I install a No-Caulk Shower Drain?

Where do you put the rubber washer and paper ring when installing a shower drain?

Should I put plumbers putty or silicone under the shower drain flange?

Will the Mystic Rain Water diverter freeze in the winter?

How do I stop the water from coming out of Mystic Rain Water diverter when the barrel is full?

How do you vent the collection barrel when hooked up to Mystic Rain Water diverter?

Can a Backwater valve be installed vertically?

Does the Backwater valve need to have routine maintenance performed?

If a Backwater Device is installed; can you use the plumbing fixtures within the home during a heavy rain storm?

Can a sewer cleaning cable (snake) be ran through the Backwater valve?

Can a Saddle Tee Kit be used in a project when plumbing inspections are necessary?

What pipes can a Mushroom Vent Cap be used on?

Is the flat side of the No-Caulk gasket facing up or down when it is put over the drain pipe?

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