Pneumatic Test Balls

Cherne® pneumatic test balls have been the contractor's choice for more than 50 years. Used in storm and sanitary sewers and residential DWV systems, Cherne pneumatic test balls do it all! Many are available with our patented Rupture Disc Technology, which prevents over-inflation. This eliminates plug damage and enhances user safety.

  1. Clean-Seal 2

  2. Multi-Size High Pressure Plugs

  3. Clean Seal

  4. Test-BallsĀ®

  5. Testing Equipment

  6. Air-Loc Leak Locator

  7. Protective Sleeves

  8. Remo Plugs

  9. Big Mouth Flow-Through Plugs

  10. Jet-Ball

  11. Pillow Plugs

  12. Muni Ball