Hercules plumbing chemicals and products are designed to make a professional plumber’s job easier and faster. Hercules is well-known for its Sta Put plumbers putty, Hercules for Hands, Glug, Megaloc thread sealant, Johni bolts and Johni rings, and more recently Megatape, Haymaker, and Sludgehammer. For nearly 100 years, loyal customers have come to trust the Hercules name to provide the highest quality products available.


  1. 1. Plastic Pipe Cements & Primers

  2. 2. Thread Sealants

  3. 3. Copper Installation

  4. 4. Putty, Caulks & Water Barriers

  5. 5. Oils, Lubricants & Hand Cleaners

  6. 6. Drain & Waste System Cleaners

  7. 7. Heating Chemicals & Anti-Freeze

  8. 8. Bowl Setting Wax Gaskets & Bolts

Hercules products are also sold in these regions:

  1. Canada

  2. Latin America

  3. China

  4. India
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