Oatey® True Set™ drains help a New Jersey contractor eliminate drain resets to save time and cost

Posted on Monday Aug 07, 2017 at 12:54PM in Case Studies

The Challenge

F&G Mechanical Corp. needed 107 drains for its Gulls Cove condominium project in Jersey City. The construction engineering firm needed a solution that was high-quality, durable and efficient to install to avoid adding time and cost in the building process.
“Drains aren’t easy to see and concrete dries fast,” explains Project Manager Justin Turso. A drain can get stomped on, covered with concrete or knocked out of tilt when workers maneuver the large concrete pouring hose.

“You have a small window to repair the drain before the concrete sets,” Turso says. “Then you need to use a chipping gun or a jackhammer to remove it. It turns into a big mess.” Boxing the drains before pouring concrete adds time and money, while resetting out-of-plumb drains eats up hours of workers’ time. “It can take an entire day just to reset one drain,” Turso says.

The Solution

In search of a drain that wouldn’t need resetting, F&G discovered True Set drains use a self-leveling strainer mount that adjusts a full 2 ¾ inches up or down after the pour, so adjustments don’t require shims or expensive screws. “It’s more adjustment than I’ve seen on any other drain,” Turso notes. In addition to adjusting for height, the drains have an adapter on top that adjusts for up to 5 degrees of tilt. “That is a great feature if you need the drain to be perfectly flush with a finished floor,” he says. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

True Set drains are also made of single-assembly PVC material. With cast iron drains, workers must attach adapter couplings after the pour, and leaks can occur if a coupling isn’t tight enough. Because True Set drains accommodate 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch pipes, F&G only had to order one type of drain for the 2- and 3-inch pipes at Gulls Cove, Turso adds.

The Results

F&G ordered 107 True Set drains for Gulls Cove. The True Set drains were easy to set and adjust, Turso says, and having a single set of drains helped his team work more efficiently. “Our guys didn’t have to figure out which one is 2- or 3-inch,” he says. “They could just grab a drain and go.”

F&G installed the Gulls Cove drains in laundry and mechanical closets, so load was not a concern. Still, Turso says he would feel confident using True Set’s medium-duty load strainers for drains in public restrooms or rooms housing medium-heavy equipment. After pouring the concrete, workers did not need to chip out or reset a single drain. 
“The installation at Gulls Cove worked perfectly,” Turso says. “I would definitely use True Set drains again.”