QuickDrain Universal Flange Adaptor Conversion Kit

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QuickDrain Universal Flange Adaptor Conversion Kit
The QuickDrain universal flange adaptor is compatible to QuickLiner sheet membrane and liquid applied membrane. Suitable for 4 in., 5 in. and 6 in. drain bodies. QuickDrain is more than a drain — it’s a total shower solution.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Universal flange adaptor features elongated hex bolt slots providing ultimate flexibility allowing the flange to adapt to numerous ABS and PVC drain bases
  • Dual profile gasket seals to numerous drain bases to retrofit from pan liner to topical membrane
  • Textured flange designed to bond topical sheet membrane with thinset
  • Made of reinforced nylon molded in the USA and includes multiple countersunk locations to anchor to the subfloor
  • Features many weep hole locations to promote proper wicking techniques, while also protected by the weep guard accessory
  • Integrated threads lows for a quick and easy installation of the SquareDrain drain body or traditional barrel assemblies
  • The interrupted threads make the assembly ready to test with our Oatey® 130 Series Tool-Free Test Plug
  • Select the new construction kit when you are beginning a project from scratch
  • A conversion kit may be required when an approved ABS/PVC two-piece clamping collar drain is already installed.
  • Small flange assortments are compatible with a 4 in. drain body assembly. Large flange assortments are compatible with 5 in. or 6 in. drain body assembly
Brand: QuickDrain
Color: White
Material: All-Purpose
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