QuickDrain ProLine Drain Body

QuickDrain ProLine Drain Body
QuickDrain ProLine Drain Body
QuickDrain ProLine Drain Body
QuickDrain ProLine drain bodies are made of 18 gauge, 316L marine grade stainless steel. ProLine delivers a new level of flexibility in linear drains. With a variety of drain waste outlet location options and a customizable drain body length, ProLine is the ideal choice for construction jobs that involve specification requirements, including healthcare facilities or hospitality where PVC is not allowed.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Custom drain lengths available from 10"-100”. Side outlets, Commercial outlets, Multiple outlets and Resinous drains available upon request.
  • Drain capacity for 2" outlet is 12 GPM in a shower pan with curb and 5 GPM in a shower pan without a curb at the entry (the actual volume is limited by the plumbing lines and P-trap).
  • Length adjustability of drain trough with use of trough extensions to accommodate finished openings from 28" - 72".
  • Most important key feature includes the internally sloped trough. This feature ensures no stagnant water sitting in the trough any time and eliminates hard water build up.
  • QuickDrain USA recommends the drain cover extend the entire length of the shower pan (wall to wall or wall to curb).
  • Used with topical liquid waterproofing.
Brand: QuickDrain
Connection Type: Approved Two Band Coupling
Drain Orientation: Vertical
Product Type: Pro Line
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