Oatey® Sure-Vent® 20 Branch, 8 Stack DFU Capacity Air Admittance Valve w/90 Degree ABS Schedule 40 Adapter

The Oatey® Sure-Vent® 1.5" - 2" 20 Branch, 8 Stack DFU Air Admittance Valve ABS Sched. 40, 90° adapter is a one-way valve designed to allow air into the plumbing drainage system when negative pressures develop in the piping system. This product comes with a 90 degree ABS schedule 40 adapter. Superior engineering along with stringent quality standards ensure unmatched performance as a secondary vent. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • For use as a secondary vent
  • 90 degree ABS schedule 40 adapter
  • One size approved to handle up to 2" vent pipe
  • Vents up to 20 DFU Branch or 8 DFU Stack
  • Sweet Spot™ technology opens valve at -0.01 psi and seals at 0 psi and above
  • Screening on air inlets to guard the seal
  • Protective sleeve provides grip for installation and keeps valve free from debris
  • 100% functionally tested at ¼" H2O and 30" H2O ensuring trouble free performance
  • Complies to ASSE Standard 1050 and 1051
  • International Plumbing Code (IPC) and Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) approved
  • For warranty product details, refer to the Oatey Limited Warranty document
[UPC] 038753392516 · [Part #] 39251
Material: ABS
Brand: Oatey
Connection Size: 1.5"
DFU Rating: 20 Branch, 8 Stack
Color: White
Adapter Material: ABS
Adapter Size: 1.5 Inch

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