Oatey® Moda™ Tailpiece Adapters

37511_h.jpg - Oatey® Moda™ , 1/2'' Brass F1807 Tailpiece Adapter1/2" F1807 (Brass),
Oatey® Moda™ Tailpiece Adapters
37511_t.jpg - Oatey® Moda™ , 1/2'' Brass F1807 Tailpiece Adapter1/2" F1807 (Brass),
Oatey® Moda™ Tailpiece Adapters

Oatey® Moda™ , 1/2'' Brass F1807 Tailpiece Adapter1/2" F1807 (Brass),

Moda Supply Box System is designed to meet the needs of plumbing contractors for washing machine, ice maker, lavatory, toilet, dishwasher and SureVent®Air Admittance Valve applications. A universal single box platform provides maximum versatility, installation simplicity and rugged reliability. MODA Supply Box System is the ultimate solution for speed and flexibility.

UPC: 038753375113
Part #: 37511

Available in 7 variations

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Key Features
Key Features
  • Two piece valve design makes valve replacement easy to repair, without damaging drywall. Valves rated to 150 PSI air and 250 PSI water.
  • Separate valve and drain boxes allow paired or split boxes between walls or stud bays to prevent supply/drain crossovers. Dual box design provides ideal options for stacked washer/dryers and space-limited laundry rooms.
  • Stands up to the roughest job site abuse, and no transition cement needed when solvent welding PVC pipe.
  • Unique interlocking wing flanges accommodate on-stud, straddle-stud and three-box installations. Advanced snap-lockdesign allows assembly and disassembly with equal ease, for quicker installation and easy repositioning on the job.
  • Using a single box platform provides significant convenience to installers. One universal faceplate is compatible with all box types. All boxes can snap to one another, and common brackets can be used on any MODA supply box.
  • Plumber-preferred, quarterturn test plug with gasket provided with every drain box. This means no knock outs falling into drains and no tools required. Oatey® Exclusive feature.
Tailpiece: F1807 PEX (Brass)
Color: Brass
Material: Brass
Valve Body Material: Brass
Product Line: MODA
Weight: 1.2 LB
Brand: Oatey
Available in 7 Variations
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