Oatey Electrical Mast Connection Master Flash

Oatey Electrical Mast Connection Master Flash
Oatey Electrical Mast Connection Master Flash
The Oatey Electrical Mast Connection Master Flash® roof flashing is specifically designed for the protection of electrical connections that come from a rooftop. The quick installation time and fire protection qualities make it a great long term fit in a roofing electrical application. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Designed for existing roof penetration when installing over the pipe is not an option
  • 15-in x 15-in soft aluminum base
  • Designed to form a seal on most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location
  • Made of non-fading EPDM rubber for higher resistance to ultraviolet light and temperatures up to 212 degrees (F) of continuous heat
  • Acommodates 3/8-In to 1/2-In pipe diameters
  • Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion and contraction
  • Fire retarding agents milled directly into the rubber compound create a self extinguishing feature which enables it to be used with Type "B" vents
  • Use silicone sealant between base and surface, and secure with sheet metal screws
  • The Oatey Master Flash® roof flashings carry a 20 year limited warranty
[UPC] 038753140902 · [Part #] 14090
Brand: Oatey
Product Type: Master
Pipe Diameter: 0 - 5.375"
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Base Size/Diameter: 15 x 15 in

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