Dearborn®1-1/2" Wall Tubes

401A-17-1_h.jpg - Dearborn® 1-1/2" Wall Tube 45" - 17 Ga.
Dearborn®1-1/2" Wall Tubes
Dearborn®1-1/2" Wall Tubes are designed for use as replacement wall tubes for P-Trap repair or modification.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Brass construction with a chrome plated finish
  • Installs easily to form a P-trap with the corresponding diameter J-bend
  • Compression and slip connections
  • Maximum working pressure of 15 psi
Color: Chrome
Material: Brass
Brand: Dearborn
Pipe Size: 1.5 in.
Product Type: Wall Tube
Connection Type: Slip Joint
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