Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs - New Design

Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs - New Design
Cherne® Air-Loc® Front Plugs are leak locator plugs designed for line acceptance tests and leak location testing. They also can be used as blocking plugs by plugging the fill and read-back ports. NEW DESIGN.
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Key Features
Key Features
  • Industry leading quality, consistency and durability
  • Mechanical bonding of premium natural rubber and end plates eliminates failures from chemical bonding
  • Improved performance and safety through optimized design
  • Superior back pressure (15 psi, 1 bar)
  • Premium performance and aesthetics
  • Lightweight, short and flexible
Brand: Cherne
Maximum Back Pressure: 15 PSI
Inflation Pressure: 45 PSI
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