What size plugs would you use a Poly Lift line on?

Where can you find the material safety data sheets for smoke bombs and liquid smoke?

Is there an updated list of products that can be field scrapped?

What is the difference between a piston style pump and a Diaphragm test pump?

What type of oil / lubricant is used on the hydrostatic test pumps?

What is the shelf life of smoke bombs and liquid smoke?

How much vacuum (inches of mercury) do manholes need to be tested to?

What is the definition of feet of head, and the formula to calculate the back pressure?

Why is it important to know pounds of force calculation?

What is the test pressure called out in ASTM C1103 for joint testing?

Can I order specific parts for a Honda test pump?

Why is the testing time longer for plastic pipe than concrete pipe with comparable lengths and diameters?

What is the length of time needed to test a joint with no more than 1 PSI drop?

What is the test pressure for ASTM C924 (concrete pipe)?

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