What is the difference between a Test Ball and a Muni Ball?

What is the shelf life for Cherne pneumatic plugs?

How do I read the date code on Cherne test balls and plugs?

What are the maximum temperature limits that a Cherne pneumatic pipe plug handle?

What type of rubber is a Cherne pneumatic plugs made from?

How is it determined what size plug should be used?

Does Cherne offer chemical resistant plugs?

What is the difference between a Long Ball and a MS-2 Long Ball?

Can Cherne plugs be used on elliptical pipe?

What size plugs is repairable and which plugs are not repairable?

How often should a pneumatic plug pressure be checked?

How is the Muni-Ball (bypass plug) converted for air testing?

Which inflatable plugs are repairable?

What is the definition for feet of head?

How long can a Cherne pneumatic plug be expected to stay in good condition?

Is there a formula used to calculate backpressure?

Why is it important to know pounds of force calculation?

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