What is the difference between the acid based drain openers, Clobber and Sizzle?

Why does Oatey require a waiver in order to sell Clobber to a wholesaler?

Why is Glug better than other caustic drain openers?

What is the difference between PT Bio1 and PT-4?

Why is Hercules Root Destroyer not for sale in some states?

What would cause damage to a Clog Buster?

What drain cleaner is recommended for safe use in a residential kitchen?

What is the best product for cleaning a grease trap?

How do I clean up a clobber spill?

What is the difference between Liquid Glug for the bathroom and Liquid Glug for the Kitchen?

Can Clobber be used on a fixture that has water setting in it?

How do you dispose of unused Clobber or Sizzle?

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