What is the shelf life for plumber?s putty?

Is Epoxy Putty NSF approved?

Is Epoxy Putty paintable?

Once Epoxy Putty has cured, what is the temperature limit it can withstand?

Why is there a warning label on Plumbers Putty stating it may cause cancer?

Can any Oatey Plumber?s Putties be used with ABS materials?

How do I remove epoxy putty?

Can I use epoxy putty to repair my wood cabinets?

If I drill and screw into epoxy putty, will it be strong enough?

Does Oatey Plumber?s Putty cure?

How do I remove plumber?s putty from the drain lines and sink?

What is the difference between Stain-Free and regular plumber?s putty?

If the putty is dried out, can something be added to regenerate the putty?

How can an oil stain be removed from a porous surface (stone, granite, etc.)?

Can plumber?s putty be used to seal windows and doors?

Can plumber?s putty be used to seal the toilet bowl to the finished floor?

Can Stain-Free plumber?s putty be used when installing the drain on an Acrylic tub and / or shower unit?

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