Where is the wax ring produced? Are Oatey, Harvey and Hercules rings all manufactured at the same plant?

Can wax rings be stacked on top of one another to make up for the extra space between the toilet bowl and toilet flange, and still create a watertight seal?

When did you stop putting Hercules Johni-Rings in bags?

Why did you stop putting Hercules Johni-Rings in bags?

What is the length of a Johni-Bolt?

What ingredients are in wax gaskets?

How is a wax seal installed?

Does Oatey sell a wax gasket that is made from bees wax?

What is the shelf life of a wax seal?

What temperature should the wax seal be installed at?

Is Liquilock safe to use if you have a septic system?

How long can you leave Liquilock in the toilet before it will dry out?

Can you use Liquilock for other fluids besides water?

How do you determine how much Liquilock to use when working on a toilet?

Are there other uses for the Liquilock product?

Can Liquilock be used in fish tanks?

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