How do you clean the basket strainers without affecting the finish?

Should silicone or plumbers putty be used when installing a basket strainer?

Are there any strainers available with decorative finishes?

When repairs are made using a pipe clamp, is it considered permanent?

Can the pipe clamp be used to make repairs on all pipe materials?

What is the difference between a brass slip nut and a die cast slip nut?

Does Dearborn Brass/Oatey offer different styles of Flanges (escutcheons)?

What metals are the metal flanges made from?

Do the flanges create a water tight seal around the pipe and hole that the pipe passes through?

What types of sinks can a Sink Hole Cover be installed on, and does it create a water tight seal?

Does Dearborn Brass/Oatey offer any shower conversion products for a claw foot (tub on legs) bathtub?

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