TFE Paste


TFE Paste is a white thread compound made with PTFE. Paste lubricates all threaded joints, is non-hardening, non-separating and withstands up to 3,000 psi on gases from -50 to +400F, and 10,000 psi on liquids from -50 to +500F. For use with plastic or metal threaded pipe carrying water, steam, caustics or dilute acid.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
023014HV 1 FL OZ TFE PASTE BULK PAK0788642301541000.153 LB
023015-12 HV TFE PASTE 1FL OZ TUBE078864230154120.130 LB
023015-C HV TFE PASTE TUBE CLIP STRIP078864230154120.154 LB
023015-DHV TFE PASTE 1 FL OZ TUBE078864230154540.137 LB
023030 HV TFE PASTE 4FL OZ JAR B/T078864230307120.540 LB
023030-D HV TFE PASTE 4 FL OZ JAR B/T078864230307480.531 LB
023045 HV TFE PASTE 8FL OZ JAR B/T078864230451121.000 LB
023045-D HV TFE PASTE 8 FL OZ JAR B/T078864230451300.985 LB

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