Aluminum Water Heater Pan

  • Oatey Aluminum Water Heater Pans can be installed under gas or electric water heaters to protect from water damage.
  • Available with 1" PVC, 1-1/2" PVC or 1" CPVC drain fittings to allow for connection to indirect drain.
  • Manufactured from 28 gauge Aluminum
  • Pre-cut side opening accommodates drain fitting

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
34078 24"Aluminum Water Heater Pan03875334078462.655 LB
34104 22"Aluminum Water Heater Pan03875334104062.033 LB
3410524"Aluminum Water Heater Pan03875334105762.033 LB
34170 18"Aluminum Pan 03875334170561.750 LB
3417120"Aluminum Pan 03875334171261.783 LB
3417222"Aluminum Pan 03875334172961.450 LB
3417324"Aluminum Pan 03875334173661.600 LB
3417426"Aluminum Pan 03875334174361.900 LB
3417530"Aluminum Pan 03875334175062.400 LB
3417628"Aluminum Pan 03875334176763.500 LB
3418620"Aluminum Water Heater Pan03875334186662.033 LB
34187 26"Aluminum Water Heater Pan03875334187362.667 LB
Type Title
Submittal Aluminum Water Heater Pans

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