T-Handle Aluminum Gripper® Plugs (Underground)


  • Can be used in long-term applications. 
  • Chemical-resistant neoprene O-ring. 
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum body and zinc plated steel T-handle

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
27288818" Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass)*675115272880129.850 LB
2728926" Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass)67511527289715.813 LB
272906 8" Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass)67511527290318.875 LB
27291410" Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass)675115272910112.063 LB
27292212" Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass)675115272927116.300 LB
27293015" Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass)*675115272934125.000 LB
2729496" Gripper® Plug 1/4" Bypass67511527294116.000 LB
272957 8"Gripper® Plug 3/4" Bypass67511527295819.188 LB
27296510" Gripper® Plug 3/4" Bypass 675115272965112.500 LB
27297312" Gripper® Plug 3/4" Bypass675115272972116.650 LB
27298115" Gripper® Plug 3/4" Bypass*675115272989125.000 LB
27299818" Gripper® Plug 3/4" Bypass*675115272996130.000 LB

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