Hub-Fit Gripper® Plugs


  • Ideal for use in hub fittings and in bell-end pipe. 
  • Pressure rated for conducting DWV tests. 
  • Yellow color enhances visibility in pipe. 
  • Made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic and natural rubber O-ring.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
270138 3-1/2"Plug Seals 4" Threaded Opening67511527013810.750 LB
270168 2"Plug Seals 2-1/2" Threaded Opening67511527016910.200 LB
270178 3"Plug Seals 3-1/2" Threaded Opening67511527017610.400 LB
2701884"Plug Seals 4-1/2" Threaded Opening67511527018310.650 LB
270528 2" Hub-Fit Gripper® Plug67511527052710.200 LB
2705383" Hub-Fit Gripper® Plug67511527053410.690 LB
2705484" Hub-Fit Gripper® Plug 67511527054110.850 LB

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